View Full Version : Race Engineer, the positive and the negative.

12-05-2015, 17:57
The race engineer is working rather good, most of the time. There are some tweaks needed, and somethings work, others don't. I've complied a list of the most common and useful tips from the race engineer


Beginning of race (Green light, GO,GO,GO!) X seconds to driver in front. Driver is about to pass, tells you to defend the inside line, brake as late as possible. Faster than driver on certain stages of the track, tells you to probe the other driver, find a weakspot in his driving. Braking faster than driver infront, tells you to get up close and brake past on the inside, before a straightaway. Car is damaged, tells you to pit as soon as possible. Tires are worn, tells you that you should probably go to the pit, Needs calibration. Did a test at hockenheim gt, Formula rookie (with the very sensitive steering at the moment, i found that the Formula R cars are rather stable and i was able to get consistent lap times, reliatively) Twenty laps, tire wear x7. Other drivers pitted on laps 13 to 15, the race engineer tells me that my tires are worn on lap 19. At this point the car is understeering, alot, and i am about 5-7 seconds off my best time.

Non functional

It does not tell you that the weather is changing and that you should switch to wet tires. Did a 20 lap test, other drivers switched to wet tires 4-5 laps after it started raining. If the (GO,GO,GO!) phrase or similar is not heard, it might not tell you anything or it tells you alot less. (Bugfix?, if you restart the race (if the phrase after the green light is not heard) it seems to start working again.

Feel free to add to the list as there is probably alot that i've missed.

English is not my native language, so you'll have to forgive me for the wierd phrasing and any misspelled words