View Full Version : change controller button assignments

12-05-2015, 18:55
Does this work well for everyone else? I tried changing for example my upshift/downshift assignments, and when I do and try to exit out of the menu I keep getting an error that not all the required assignments have been made.

This happens whether or not I swap 2 buttons or try to completely reconfigure everything. By default it seems theres a lot of assignments not set already, so when I try to make a change anywhere it expects everything to be assigned which doesn't seem possible.

Am I crazy? This a known problem or did I miss something?


12-05-2015, 18:56
What you have to do is make sure every button that is assigned on default is assigned when you change it. What I did is go in and write down what's assigned default. Then I just went in and changed everything. If you don't get it all assigned again you'll get the error message.

I think Kers was the one that was hanging me up. I assigned it to tapping the left stick I think

12-05-2015, 19:04
Cool, thanks. I Figured i must have just missed it or something. I'll write everything down or take a pic of it and double-check it as well. I wonder if something gets blanked out no matter what you change.