View Full Version : Removed from Session (PS4)

12-05-2015, 19:35
Hey guys just started playing my first hour of this fantastic game project cars, I love racing games and a big fan of the forza franchise, I am generally a clean racer too no trolling! At the moment I am having problems joining games and i don't know why, but every time I ready up, I am being removed from the session, happened 5 times in a row, with 5 different people. I have checked my connection it seems fine, or are people just being picky who they have in there lobbies?

Kind Regards : PSN: Kinchy2012

13-05-2015, 11:58
I'm having pretty similar problems. I don't think, that so many hosts are just picky.

13-05-2015, 17:15
Had same issue. I was removed after a few seconds every time. Strange think i noticed too, during this time all cars were availabe to pick even in regulated car sessions. And all playerconnections latencies were red. After i restartet my router it worked, again. Router isnt working properly.

14-05-2015, 10:41
ok. i think i'm also gonna restart my router - hopefully it works...

29-02-2016, 16:37
did you manage to fix this issue? its still happening to me.