View Full Version : Enable Motion Control?

12-05-2015, 20:27
So they have said yes to this multiple times, that it would support the gyro/motion control of the PS4 Dual Shock but I can't find it in settings anywhere!

Any Help would be much appreciated.


18-05-2015, 19:20
I haven't seen a way to do it. I was actually going to post requesting that feature be added. Is it something they've said was either doable or coming in the future?

27-05-2015, 23:36
Its definitely not there. I saw something recently about shops selling project cars in a package along with one of those silly little wheel things ( the type you clip your dualshock into). Caused a bit of a fuss when people found that with project cars the motion control aspect didnt exist, leaving you with a cheap plastic controller wheel that did nothing.

28-05-2015, 07:35