View Full Version : Game Manual? (or general faq regarding game operation?)

12-05-2015, 21:07
Hey all, I finally downloaded from PSN and I'm loving the game. Big thanks to SMS, WMD, and all prerelease supporters of the project.

This game is deep though, so I'm wondering if there's any type of digital game manual to read and get familiar with some things we need to know as far as game setup and operation. Is there a FAQ yet?

I've already been confused by the button-assignment procedure (regarding mandatory buttons) and tuning (as far as saving custom tunings). I also jumped into free race/practice? and was unable to change any settings as far as no. of laps, etc. I could change weather to specific weather/pattern or random and time of day but current location weather (or whatever it may be titled in-game) was not listed. Is this available in console versions? I read here that we prolly can't do historic weather but I thought we were still able to use the current weather (however accurate it may be).

Thanks, and I love this game

12-05-2015, 21:27
There's an on game Manual which links to the pcars website, personally a PDF version should be released