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12-05-2015, 21:22
Hey Community,

I'll try and keep this short. I am a big fan of Forza and I know that's not a full sim but it was more sim than arcade titles such as NFS which I don't like, so that's my history I am a good racer on Forza using a gamepad.

I watched the development of Project Cars for the last year and purchased day 1 along with a Thrustmaster T100 FFB wheel to go with the truer sim setting.

Now I know learning a new game device (wheel) can take time but I have put in 10 hours so far and struggling to handle car's consistently. I have tried with assists all off, a mix of some on and some off but still can't find a good balance. The closest I have got is leaving ABS and Traction Control on but the rest off.

So my main problem I find when driving is, When on a straight even in a GT3 car at say 100MPH the car just seems out of control, I try and move the smallest amount to pull out to take a car and bam the FFB kicks in and before I know it I'm fighting the wheel and in the barrier.

I have tried reducing the FFB down, originally 100%, then 70%, then 50% I even tried with it off but something just doesn't feel right on straights I feel like I'm fighting to keep the car straight let alone try and over take anyone in a controlled manner.

I have tried many different cars and classes from karts up to F1 and get mixed results.

I just don't understand what's happening. The other thing I'm confused about, I thought FFB would give me more sensation of when I'm loosing control. For example I hit the breaks hard into a corner I expected some Force to come through the wheel, I start to slide, I expect Force through the wheel. I get ZERO force in these 2 cases but yet on straights the slightest movement on the wheel and I mean slightest just gets the car all crazy, I try and make a small adjustment and before I know it the car is out of control ON A STRAIGHT!

I guess what I'm here posting for is, I love the game but after 10 hours of battling, I'm seriously starting to question is the game control that hard, is my wheel to blame, is there some settings I need to tweak on the FFB stuff, it's all gibberish to me with little explanation in laymen terms what each FFB setting will actually do if I alter it.

Any tips, advice would be much appreciated. I really want to learn this game and I love it even though I'm struggling, but 10 hours in I shouldn't be struggling to finish a GT3 race with ABS and Traction control on, I should be able to keep it on track if I drive sensibly without pushing the corners to the limits but it just feels so out of control.

I've done a couple track days in real life in a Ferrari and a Lambo and if Pcars is supposed to be feeling real why on earth is it this hard to control. Real cars don't twitch out on straights for no reason.

12-05-2015, 21:27
Hey, try this.

As it is important to plug in your wheel after starting the game, its also important to not leave the game and switch back in. Like looking for trophies or writing messages.
Most likely your FFB will get weird after you go back to pcars. At least it happened to me.

Now some words about my settings. Pictures are in german, but you should be able to figure out which is what...

Pictures are found here (https://app.box.com/files/0/f/3592635069).

- Every setting belongs to your likings, our wheel can handle it, do what you want... ^^

-I recommend to set "Stoßdämpfer-Setting" to "0" because otherwise it will damp your whole FFB.
- "Force Feedback" must be at "100" its important later on!
- "Gegenlenkhilfe" is just a help to catch oversteering and won't affect FFB at all. It just feels weird if your wheel reacts without you doing anything... So I disabled it.

- "Reifenkraft" is the main setting to adjust the strongest of your FFB, don't set it to high here, because it affects all cars...
- "Bereich Totzonenentfernung" is the most important setting, as it defines the mechanical deadzone of the wheel... (caused by the construction with gears and rubber bands) I tested mine with the Wheel Check Tool from iracing.com, so your wheels should be mostly identical. Maybe try one step more or less.
Remember, if this setting is wrong, your wheel won't be able to use all the input from the game. This is why Force Feedback must be 100.

- I just did this because i read it in forum and saw it on insidesimracing and it feels good...

Now the individual car settings:

"Hauptstärke" this is the main switch where you should calibrate how strong your FFB is.
The others settings defines how strong you feel which kind of force, sideways = X, forward = Y, upwards = Z, as you know it from coordinates system in school...
These settings are just my pre config for every car to start from. It's a good average setting.

"Lenkerwinkel" is to simulate your arms or something like that...
However, the preset is mostly ok, just some cars are screwed up, so set it as you like it.

The upper values are there to simulate the G-Forces I think, but i don't like it, so I set it down and use the camera shaking instead.
If its higher, it just distract me from the more important force feedback of the wheels.
The lower settings let you feel the back of your car gets loose if you oversteer, or if you jump.
So its very important to control the car and these settings should work for most of the cars.

Thats it.

I hope this helps you out a little, and it would be nice to get some feedback if you tried it.