View Full Version : bug with changing camera view

12-05-2015, 21:31
By default the camera view change is the Square button and that is what I have it set on my DualShock 4 controller. The issue occurred when creating a multiplayer session on the Nordschleife track in a practice session. My camera view in a single player race from before was a bumper cam. Once I started the session I was stuck in the bumper cam view, pressing the Square button did nothing. Exiting out of the session and trying other game modes did not allow me to change the camera view. The only fix was closing the application and starting it again. I didn't try reassigning the camera view button to see if that would have worked though.

13-05-2015, 20:15
Do you know how to save bumper cam view? After I adjust it up to driver eye level, when I finish a race it reverts back to default level...

13-05-2015, 21:07

Did you check to see if you forced a view mode in the lobby settings ?

14-05-2015, 09:06
I haven't been in lobby setting?

14-05-2015, 09:08
Session could be created with restriction of the view to cockpit one.

14-05-2015, 20:27
How exactly do I do that? Thank you.