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12-05-2015, 21:37
First off, ill say that ive been playing racing games on consoles forever, starting out with Auto Racing on the Mattel Intellivision. In more recent times, ive become hooked to the Forza Motorsport series, having played all of those, with FM4 being my favorite by far. The Latest one, FM5, seemingly was more a technology demonstrator for the then new Xbox One, and could have been much more. Now out comes Project Cars, and having been eagarly scooping up facts about the sim and watching many Youtube videos over the last few months, is now finally on my Xbox One. And i can say that it is truly the car racing sim I have always wanted. But it is still a diamond in the rough.

Lets start with the bad. (not a very long list.)

1. Framerate issues. This is going to be dealt with. I have confidence in the devs that they will back this up until the sim runs damn near perfect on the xbox one.
2. The controller issues. Luckily i haven't had many issues with the controller, be it the steering or mapping out the keys where i need them to be.
3. Some graphical issues. Aside from the frame rate thing, i've noticed some weirdness in some replays, specifically out of memory, the Formula Gulf 1000 car has some weird floating box under it that looks like it is related to shadows.
4. UI needs some spit and polish. This has also been addressed and is in the pipe. I would like to see our ability to tweak the AI in percentages of 5, not 10, 20, 30..so on. And i cant seem to change liveries on my chosen car. Anyone know how to do this?
5. Multiplayer. I am not huge on MP yet, i want to master the sim offline before i get humbled online, so this isnt a huge thing, but why don't we have custom lobbies? And can this even be added later?

Ok, enough nit-picking, back to the Good. And there is heaps of it.

After the game unlocked last night at midnight EST, i jumped into a free practice session in the Renault Clio at Monza and giggled like a kid for 5 laps while i got used to things and the views. Gawked at the sound. Turned it up. Woke up the wife. Got yelled at. It was worth every decibel.

Continued Gawking at the different driving views, Helmet view is my default now. It makes me feel like i'm there. (And really thats the whole point of a sim like this, the suspension of reality and putting you "in the drivers seat" is the ultimate goal of the developers of this wonderful sim. And they have nailed that. 100 percent).

The selection of tracks is downright amazing, i come straight from Forza where we have seen very little new added in locations for quite some time. But holy crap, i will never run out of places to race here. Just so much variety, from those tight little British courses to something wide open like Monza or Willow Springs. This morning i had an epic moment, driving the Ring in the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, and doing very well...looking for a good lap time and in the last corner before the long straight and back up to the finish, i get two tires off into the gravel and i get sent into a retaining barrier, ending my run. It made me laugh out loud and watch the replay several times with a smile on my face.

The feeling of it being "Track Day" and there you are in your car is also very evident. And is something i have always wanted in a sim. Not to mention AI that actually races! What a great thing to see the first time i get passed legit by the AI. Yet another smile on the face.

To wrap this up, this sim is a diamond in the rough. It needs spit and polish and direction, which are being applied by the devs and us as a community who are never short of giving directions. It is simply the best racing sim i have ever played.

And only going to get better.

My XBL gamertag is TrackDayKC feel free to add me.

12-05-2015, 22:02
nice review. Check out the FPS threads for a few workarounds that have been helping people. I've had great success with resolving my FPS issues and experiencing a very smooth experience so far.

With regard to liveries, I am going off of an old PC build I played, but you have to go into your garage in the race setup, select a car, and then you can choose the livery. If you just pick a car you're stuck with the base livery. I have not poked around there on the Xbox One yet as I have been doing just career. I imagine it works the same way though.

Also this only works for custom races. If you are doing career you have the livery of the team you signed with.