View Full Version : Controller jacked and why can't I access driver network?

biggy brains
12-05-2015, 21:54
so I've the game almost 2 days now and have spent all my time quitting out of free practice and going into controls trying to drive in a straight damn line down bathurst and still unable too because the controller is flippy flopping left to right full turn. I can't stand it, can't even start my career.

Certified huh?

seems damn unplayeable for the xbox one straight out of the box for a controller.

Plus, why is my driver network locked? I'm can't do any time trials anyway but why is it locked? I don't understand anything about this game, is there a digital damn manual that sheds light on any of this.

Depressed in NC.

Roger Prynne
12-05-2015, 23:17
So you haven't read the 1000 posts on problems with xbox controllers and that there is a fix in the pipeline?