View Full Version : Proper Car Setup not loading in Race

12-05-2015, 22:12
I noticed the following problem today on PS4:

Invitaitional Event Road TC1 UK Cup, Round 1, Snetterton 200
Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution x FQ400
Setting at 100%, AI at 60%
Done practice to setup the car. Saved setup. Qualified 1st with this setup. Race loads and starts, car is undriveable.
Quit the race and started again to look at the setup in the garage. Completley different numbers, tire pressure, brakes, gears (4th equals 5th!), everthing different. Created a setup in "My Garage", saved ist first globaly and later again for the track. In "Quick Race" everything is fine, in "Career Mode" the game always uses the messed up setup.

Also, when your´re in the box, there is no pitwall and no "pit crew". When the car is released the pitwall suddenly appears.

13-05-2015, 02:16
Same here, posted same Problem ( Pc ) but the Problem is on the TODO List now.