View Full Version : Official Project Cars French Championship

Kevin Leaune
12-05-2015, 22:25

With partnership of Bandai Namco Games France and Thrustmaster i'm proud to announce the opening of the Official Project Cars french championship website for consoles players XBX1/PS4.

The website http://www.racecomcenter.com

The goal with Bandai Namco its to fight the official website of Forza Motorsport (http://www.forzamotorsport.fr) and make huge championship on both consoles.

The events are share on the FB page Race community center and on the Project Cars community france page (bandai namco fr on board and wmd Benjamin Benichou on admin) and maybe on the french twitter of Bandai Namco.

I'm waiting tommorow on my website.

Met you

SMS: I have a request,
For the succes of this championship i need a tool/api/link to consoles leaderboards for publish the ranking of players on my website. Please can you contact me for help me for this. ?