View Full Version : Small, and hopefully easy to implement improvements

12-05-2015, 23:49
Having a blast with Project CARS so far, but some small details really bug me. Maybe these have already been mentioned a lot, if that's the case, sorry, consider this a "me too" post then :)

- Captions for all options. I'm sure this has been mentioned but it seems so easy to include and would be most helpful.

- Button assignment to turn racing line on/off on the fly. I like having the racing line to get up to speed with a track but would like to turn it off at some point. Exiting to the menu is a pain so I end up just leaving it on, all the time.

- Visual feedback for the options that actually have a button assignment. When I change my brake bias or traction control on/off there should be a message acknowledging the current setting.

And i'll cheat and sneak in a potential biggie but what the hell:
It would be awesome if we're given the freedom (in single player mode) to create a custom season with any car class and number of tracks. As opposed to many people that seem to be bothered by the AI, I think it's great and would love to battle it out with them during a longer season and more laps for every car class I fancy driving. Starting out in formula rookie it seems there are only 2 racing weekends for that class which is a bummer, even if it's authentic (I don't know really).


21-05-2015, 21:16
I know you can turn assists n stuff on and off whilst racing, I don't care for the race line, that stays on incase it gets foggy!