View Full Version : Flags - Yellow - Blue

13-05-2015, 00:21
Hey guys,

I would like to see a better way for the flags to be implemented.

Currently the flags are either not present, too slow or have passed.

Yellow flags current situation: Car crashes, either I or someone else. That should give a yellow immediately. I haven't seen a flag, unless I manage to pack up a bunch of cars.
2nd situation: Car goes of track but is able to reenter. It's still a yellow flag situation to prevent accidents.

Blue flags. Well this one is funny! I have to pass the car behind me because the system thinks he's faster. We are both on our first flying lap and I passed him on the out lap. :) Blue flag stays on until he's atleast 2 seconds away.
Blue flags are also given too early. I've been into situations that blue flags are given to me at least 10 seconds ahead of a faster vehicle. Either i'm like 7 seconds slower or it needs a little adjustment.

It also appears AI are not getting blue flags in practice and qualifying in any situation. Although it's not too pesky to give them to me.

Maybe something for a update. I hope it's not too much work.