View Full Version : Sharing of tunes with friends on PC

13-05-2015, 03:20
It would be nice if we could have a per car/file system to share files between teammates and friends.

One of the major downfalls of Forza 5 is the inability to share files with people or "gift" them any more. In the past it was simple but now the reading and typing of each individual setting and inputting them all can become tiresome and time consuming. I think this is something that would be beneficial in Project CARS given the extensive tuning options if it were added into the game. Just my two cents, not that anyone would want my garbage testing tunes but it would still be nice....especially since I am located in the US and my friends are in EU and AUS so we can't always practice together.


13-05-2015, 04:41
VVV Worm?

13-05-2015, 05:24
I think that's a great idea. Some of us lesser mortals just don't know where to start when tuning up for races. Having a proven setup to start tweaking for your own style would be helpfull.

13-05-2015, 06:46
Screen shots should help temporarily. Xbox added that as well so you could just share it with your friends on there too for forza in the future.

13-05-2015, 10:14
yes, this is one of the biggest missing features.. :(

14-05-2015, 12:08
VVV Worm?

Sorry was out of town, that is me.