View Full Version : What a Blast!

13-05-2015, 04:35
Received my copy of pCars today.

First off, the game is gorgeous! The cars look fantastic and the clarity of everything is eye catching.

And since this is not an arcade game, I took time to calibrate my T300 RS and eventually selected my 1st car; a BMW Z4 GT Class.

Next, I adjusted air pressure, brakes, and whatever else made sense to me. I raced it at Sonoma Raceway and realized how tight and challenging that track is.

I then chose to race a BMW M3 GT at Catalunya. I did practice runs, qualifying runs, and several races: 8 cars total, average competition. In the course of racing, I started last a couple of times, sat on the pole twice, won one race going away, blew an engine, and had to do a penalty through the pits to amend a track violation. I bumped a few cars out of my way (by accident,) and got smashed several times when I least expected it.

In short I had a blast, and that was just with two cars! I still have a ways to go, but as of now I'll be grinning all the way down the raceway.

I'll see ya in the pits....