View Full Version : This game has so much potential!

13-05-2015, 04:35
Picked up the game today, am so impressed with the whole package, graphics, sound, options, even though I suck at the game! I play just about every other console racer, but the controls on this game are just to twitchy and unforgiving. It really seems the game shipped to early, it's definitely playable but no where near realistic control wise, I'm sliding all over the place on straightaways?? I'm confident the controls can and will be fixed, just hope it's soon enough as to not loose too much of the player base, gamers today have very little patience for things like this.

13-05-2015, 04:47
The developers are working on a patch to improve the controls using the Xbox One controller.

Things that you can do for now:

- Make sure that you have the day one patch (18.1 GB = You are missing it and need to do a hard reset of the console)

- Update the firmware of the controller

- Tweak the controller settings to make it more forgiving, look here (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?23153-Xbox-One-Controller-Configuration-Guide).

13-05-2015, 04:59
I've done all that after reading this forum, the game is still WAY to sensitive steering wise, I'm sliding all over, the power break is useless, you just slide like your on ice, and sometimes your barely hitting a sharp turn and it seems the cars wheels hardly turn, controls just feel frustrating and WAY off, I understand it's sim, but it sure doesn't feel realistic, just controls poorly. I know a patch is coming, and I've read the patch notes, just can't decifer is the controls are going to change dramatically or just be slightly tweaked? I think this game need dramatic!

13-05-2015, 05:02
Hand it's a real shame, I know several other friends who bought it today who are all returning it because they think the controls are horrible. I have more patience than them and will give SMS the benefit of the doubt, I don't think the current controls are what they envisioned for the game, frustrating is not the response you want to elicit from people trying to enjoy your game.

13-05-2015, 05:25
What colour are the tyres when this happens? You can check in the bottom right corner of the HUD for the four rectangles.

If they are blue that means your tyres are cold and you need to warm them up, when they turn green they are at optimal performance and red means that they are overheating.