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13-05-2015, 05:37
Hi all. First post, sorry it's a question!

I was certain that I read the impulse triggers on Xbox One were going to be utilised by this game but, for me anyway, this isn't the case. Has this feature been implemented? Rumble works great but trying to switch back to having no impulse trigger feedback after F5 and FH2 is a pain - I've really come to rely on them for judging loss of traction and when I'm locking the wheels up under braking.

Other than that, despite it's flaws, I think this is a fantastic game already (although that crazy steering lock bug is a nightmare). Been reading this forum for a while now and the feedback from the devs is refreshing. I look forward to both the bug fixes and performance improvements that the guys are working on.

13-05-2015, 05:43
The next update mentions them in the patch notes, so once that is released they should work.

Check here for the patch notes (on page 3) = http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?24176-SEE-POST-27-INSIDE!-PATCH-INFO-HERE