View Full Version : Can someone clarify the Menu Structure? Thanks!

13-05-2015, 05:51
I just got the activation today and have bee struggling on where to find what......So, this is going to be a very NEWBIE question......how does one get back to the main menu Race Central? I got stuck in an area where I could only pick from the menu button: 1. Driver Network Profile, 2. My Garage, or, 3. Option & Help. In order to get to the main Race Central the only way I can do it is completely getting out of game and back in.

I performed several tuning setting changes, and, my controller settings (shift up/down, clutch, etc...), yet, when I finally got to the main Race Central menu (by exiting game and coming back in, since I did not find anywhere a menu option to go to it) it gives me ALL DEFAULT settings again (controller and car)! So, how do I get my previous changes? It also keeps informing me that "Not all required controls are assigned. Please assign these before continuing." ....it has so many, which ones are MUST (it does not tell you)?

So, then, when I pick either Time Trial or Free Practice it has the weird/default settings.

Any help would be appreciated!


13-05-2015, 06:50
You can use the shoulder buttons to switch menu screens

13-05-2015, 06:55
Thanks RubberDave! It seems that I was missing one of the buttons that I needed to "assign" (the Camera Cycle button) and this was the culprit. I proceeded to change it and I am now able to get to the main menu with the buttons you mention.