View Full Version : Steering locking trying to counter and sound stuff

Lost Racer
13-05-2015, 06:52
This has made the game unplayable for me. I can't finish a singe race without heading into a wall and invalidating my times.

Happens on any track and car I use.
My controllers are up to date.
Day one patch installed.

With that I just encountered a loss of audio during qualifying. I restarted the session and it spawned me in the pits. The buzzer went off for me to go and no other audio after. I ran a couple faulted laps hoping it was just fluke. No good. I quit the session and the sound came back.

Final issue, the sound sounds like its having a problem mixing properly through the channels. Almost like its taking multiple sources and overlapping them causing them to distort and break up. It happens on and off the track.

Other than that, great game :)

13-05-2015, 07:52
The patch which is currently being tested should help with the control issues.

Try turning the "force feedback" off to see if that helps with the audio cutting out.

Lost Racer
13-05-2015, 13:27
Thank you for that info. I'll give it a shot.