View Full Version : Helmet/cockpit cam - sit lower in cockpit for lower viewpoint

13-05-2015, 08:52
Hi all. On day 2 with PCARS on PS4 and loving it.

However, can anyone let me know if it's possible to adjust the vertical position of the cockpit or helmet cam view? In the open wheel cars I would like to feel as though I am sitting lower in the cockpit so Iím looking straight out along and almost in line with the top surface of the nose. I saw the slider for field of view but couldnít see one for vertical position adjustment.

I know I saw videos on Youtube during the development phase where the driver had set the eye line lower (as in F1 where they almost need to peer over the top of the steering wheel) and others where it was higher (and I felt, less realistic). I know this is all personal preference but if there is a way of adjusting it I would be very happy to find it!

Any help greatly appreciated!

Siberian Tiger
13-05-2015, 08:54
I'm not on PS4 but Afaik you can Map some Buttons for Adjusting Seat Position. (-> Controller Setting)

Don't know if you have enough Buttons on the DS4 to cover all Needed Buttons + The Ones for Seat Position.

13-05-2015, 14:34
Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated. I've looked at the button mapping screen you referred to and found the option so will see how it can be built into my set.