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13-05-2015, 09:35
Hello all
iv recently got to the 24 hours of le mans using an LMP2 car and upto this point iv had the standard bugs quit out of the escort series because the physics didn't work occasionally the auto control in pits didn't work etc but this track in this class specifically im having a really rough time the gameplay is not running at a playable frame rate im not one of these nerds who say its unplayable if its not 30-60 fps i really mean its unplayable

the car i am using is the Marek RP 2190 LMP2
time set to 1% (2 hour race)
im on season 4 of my career as i didn't understand how the game menu/seasons worked < another annoying thing nothing is explained in the menu and the invitational events are not explained at all

im not sure if anyone in the career has this issue but the race has to be running at below 15fps and when you reach a corner it drops to maybe half of that i noticed a bug about frame rate drops during races but not about framerate from start to finish being off so hope its replicated and fixed

13-05-2015, 09:48
Have you tried to hard reset the console and see if that improves the performance? Some people have reported that resetting before playing helps.

You can also try to move the game files to an external hard drive if you have not already done it, for slightly better performance (this is applicable to all Xbox One games).

16-05-2015, 05:55
oh my thank you so much for your support that worked great moving to an external drive