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13-05-2015, 10:02
PS4 user (in my 40's so not a 'youth'). Have been playing career and was a bit wary of multiplayer as I hate games where the ram raiders take over. However, I bought myself a wheel and stand yesterday and thought I'd give it a go.

Ive got to say, I spent a few hours in random lobbies (playing touring class in UK tracks) and the only ramming was generally due to lag. The cars that you did see driving around all over the grass and track really seemed to be from lack of control and not malicious. They generally enter the track at any point and if your prepared for that, you can work with it. Same goes for the race start. Take a stand off at the start, let them crash first corner, drive by and enjoy the rest of the race with those that also did the same.

gotta say, I really enjoyed it and would like to hook up with other UK drivers (preferably ones who don't sit and mouth off on the mikes) who like the touring class.

The BMW E30 is just a dream once ive learnt how to (wrestle with it) drive it haha

gamertag suter1972 (I share this tag with my 10yr old so please be courteous if im showing as playing minecraft!)

Doctor Doom
13-05-2015, 10:53
My alter ego is a 4 year old. You don't have to be courteous to him as he has a foul mouth.

13-05-2015, 13:08
My alter ego is a 4 year old. You don't have to be courteous to him as he has a foul mouth.
xD hahaha same here

13-05-2015, 15:32
suter1972 you sound like my kinda race guy! don't mind playing, when the chance comes, any sort of online mix, but preferable is uk tracks and touring cars, merc and clio. gt3 / 4 is also preferable. currently searching for a gentleman club to race with. we had one for forza4 on the 360 a couple of years ago, but that all got sold to buy a ps4 and PCARS. Being a 33yr old petrolhead and family man, not much searing will be coming from me haha. Hopefully you'll read this, by which time id have pinged an invite.
Regards !