View Full Version : A List of Issues I've come across

The Monk
13-05-2015, 11:08
My list of issues:-

No matter how much tweaking you do the FFB still doesn't feel right on the TX Racing Wheel.

My car crashing into the wall when exiting the Pit Lane on "auto pilot"
Like Spa for example.

Sometimes you can see a faint box round opposition's cars ahead in the distance.

Sometimes you drive right through other teams Pit Man when exiting the Pit Lane.

Leaves or rubber marbles shine unrealistically on the track and sometimes the marbles bounce around without being touched.

Sometimes I see little flashes on the horizon or on seams where the track put together, sort of like mini camera flashes.

In the car setup summary there is only one slider which is at the bottom for the rear sway bar whereas on the PC version there are sliders for all the settings on the summary page.

It would be nice to be able to adjust over all FFB settings from the Edit Tuning Setup menu to save having to go back out to the main menu then back to free practice hundreds of times trying to find a decent setup.

Sometimes the sound of the engine will reverberate causing a very unrealistically sound.

Sometimes you can start a race or exit the Pit Garage and there is no or little sound or the sound will lower and rise again mid race.

Sometimes when you bump into another car especially on the side it seems to drag you off the track with it like a magnet effect.

The duplicate buttons on the TX Wheels could be put to better use with some of the many unusable options in the button configuration page.

I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing these out to help.

Umer Ahmad
13-05-2015, 11:13
Thanks Monk.

The pit lane problems, sound issue, magnetic collisions and others you mention are known (Pit characters are ghosts).

Let's focus on your FFB problem for now. Can you provide more information?

The Monk
13-05-2015, 11:34
Yea my FFB hasn't been right since release. It was always light from the start and with a lot of scouring this forum and the net for setups also a bit of trial and error I have managed to find something usable but there is still something missing, something not quite right. I believe there should be a better over all feel from the start, before you have to mess around with individual car setups. What worries me is that there is something missing and you could blitz through the career mode only to receive a fix when the game is all but completed and it's too late, if we where to get confirmation that there was an issue we could relax and plod on with solo weekend racing and stuff using the makeshift setup we've achieved until such a fix did come out, which I'd gladly do.