View Full Version : Bug Report: Echoing Audio and a 6th-to-1st shift

13-05-2015, 12:28
a two-fer bug report in a single clip:


This is in a MP race, manual gears w/ automatic clutch on the controller. As I downshifted for the corner, instead of dropping to 5th, it went straight to 1st and locked me up. I do not have any buttons mapped directly to gears, so I know it wasn't just a mis-hit. I have only seen it happen this one time.

Immediately, though, I started getting a hanging/echoing audio glitch that happens almost every race for me. Does not seem to happen with any consistency with respect to location, car, situation, etc., but it is frequent and highly distracting.

Other context: I am using the first party stereo headset plugged into the controller, FFB set to 0 because of the audio cut-out bug. Any other questions about my setup, please let me know...