View Full Version : Xbox Excellence In Racing League coming soon!

13-05-2015, 14:21
Hi all! :cool:

We are currently looking at starting numerous leagues for Pcars with Blancpain GT, Group A DTM, LMP1/2 and Formula A are all very much in the pipeline, We have various race nights each week, we cater for all users, may it be wheel or pad, if you like to race with assists, great! if you like to race hardcore, even better! :yes: :yes: :yes:

We have users and admin from the UK and USA so all welcome, all we ask is that you race clean, respect one another (nothing wrong with banter though) and make sure you enjoy yourself! :yes:

Head on over to http://www.facebook.com/f1eir and ask for myself, PROPERBOri5JAKE (Jake), EIR Slingbun, EIR Spooky, EIR Samba D and well be sure to keep you updated on our league situation!

Also you will find us all on line every evening having a blast in some car or another!

Hope to see you all soon!

Jake :D