View Full Version : auto engine start issue

13-05-2015, 15:17
Has anyone figured out how the auto start engine on/off works? I've had it turned off from the start and assigned start engine and ignition to my controller but have never had to use it as the engine is always on when I start a race. Any ideas ?

13-05-2015, 16:17
I think it applies more to users with wheels and pedals with clutches, but if you spin or have a crash you may notice the engine stalls out and requires you to restart it. Auto engine start means you don't have to mess about with mashing buttons to get the car started again.

You have to assign an Ignition and an Engine Start button, and if you do turn the engine off you need to press Ignition first, then Engine Start to get the car started.

13-05-2015, 17:53
You will need it on tracks without Pit garages, eg, special stages