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Harry Feathers
13-05-2015, 16:25
Hi all,

I have read that the game file size on the XBox one should read 18.5GB but when I take a look at mine it states 18.4GB :confused:. I recall the first time I went online that it did an update automatically so I would assume that I have the latest patch. I cannot find an option to manually check for updates so I cannot see if I am missing something here.

I have done the 'hard reset' but it still shows 18.4GB.

I have not seen anyone else mention this.

Any ideas?

13-05-2015, 16:39
If it shows 18.4GB you have the patch installed. I'm sure you don't have all 4 DLC's and that's why your game file isn't 18.5GB

Harry Feathers
13-05-2015, 18:21
Thank you Seps for your kind information. At least I know I have the 'essentials'.