View Full Version : Lap Invalidated for Exceeding Track Limits Haven't Left the Track

Nixon Redgrave
13-05-2015, 19:19
I'm running a 125 shifter cart in Free Practice at Glencairn East. I am regularly receiving the Invalidated Lap message between, I believe, turns 4 & 5 (the left right kink after the S just past the start finish line. This happens even if I run through there slowly and am certain I'm on the tarmac. It happens nearly every lap, in other words, more often than not. It seems to happen if I bias my line to the left there.

13-05-2015, 21:16
I've had that happen several times on rumble strips.
Really infuriating in qualify

17-05-2015, 22:41
Same thing happening to me too.

17-05-2015, 23:20
I've had this while driving in the middle of the road in 125 karts on the usa track. In the 2nd corner (first right after the initial left hairpin), it gives that error message probably 90% of the time in mid corner (while in the middle of the road).