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13-05-2015, 22:23
I am looking for a cheap wheel because it will be my first one and for ps4 there is not much to choose from. The t80 has no FFB and the t300 and t500 are a bit expensive to me, but i found another one: https://venomuk.com/get/hurricane-steering-wheel/ . Yeah, it looks a bit like a cheap thing made in china to me , but it has FFB, an up and down gear shifter, pedals of course and it says it is an official licensed ps4 product so it must work with project cars too!. I cant find any reviews or user comment on it so maybe someone owns it or has tried it out?

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14-05-2015, 05:37
Yes, the t100 would be perfect for me, but it is sold out everywhere, or maybe discontinued?

14-05-2015, 06:41
TBH, I wouldn't chance the Hurricane wheel. The reviews on Amazon.UK don't inspire confidence http://www.amazon.co.uk/Playstation-Hurricane-Steering-Wheel-PS4/dp/B00OZIQO62
Some say it won't work on PS4, others that it's broken. Plus the fact it's not a FFB wheel, just a vibration function, I'd really be looking to a T100 for a better experience ! I know the T300 is expensive (I've got one) but IMHO it's worth every penny and would definitely recommend saving to get one. The T500 wheel doesn't really add anything over the T300 apart from vastly improved pedals, but as the T500 is an older design, it's not 100% compatible with the PS4 menu system like the T300 is.

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14-05-2015, 21:03

Shame I am not from UK :/ And I found a brand new for 100 euros. http://www.playseatstore.com/accessories/wheels-and-pedals.html

OK, now to the HURRICANE, i had the chance to try it in a local store and have to say it is terrible even by my standarts. The pedals are nice and responsive but the wheel itself only reacts when you turn it at about 20-30 degrees, plus even though it claims to be an official licensed product, when pluged in, the playstation detects it as a standart DS4 controller.

So my next step is to order the T100 and hope it will be a nice experience. :)