View Full Version : [Basic] Question on wheel calibration Thrustmaster T500RS

13-05-2015, 23:16
I've gone through a bunch of thread on calibration and am still having a lot of trouble with my wheel. Sometimes the wheel seems not to center, other times there is no force feedback. Today, when I first turned the game on, the wheel was limited to about 90 degrees of motion (in each direction). Can someone walk me through the calibration process (like for a dummy)?

1) Go to calibration screen (ok, got that).
2) Start wheel calibration (yup)
3) Turn wheel clockwise OR anti clockwise all the way (I read somewhere to go ahead and do both directions, does it matter)?
ok -- here is my first question -- do I hold the wheel at max position when I hit 'X', or put it back to center
4) 90 degree -- I read somewhere to go to 900 degrees, not 1080, even for the T500) -- is this generally the agreed upon thing to do at this point?

Thanks for the basic question -- I've spent SOOO much time playing with setting up the wheel and haven't even really gotten to enjoy the game.