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13-05-2015, 23:44
Greetings fellow sim racers. My name is Wick with some what of a long history of sim racing. Long storybut the short is, raced for real back in the early nineties, formula Ford, and Atlantic, then poverty LOL. then sim racing for many years.Nascar 2003, RFactor, Etc etc. Burned myself out and retired hopefully never to play a race sim again. That was 10 years ago and here I am again a newbie forgotten everything and older than most of you. Im 70 and live in a nursing home but I'm a hiply fart:-) I pre ordered the sim bought a Thrustmaster 300 something, strong pedal stand, and will purchase the Play Station soon. so the question you young guys can answer is the Thrustmaster addon shifter compatable with the sim. I didn;t think it was until i was watching a video on You tube where The host was describing how to setup the setups:-) But he was shifting with a shifter. Can the add on shifter be used other than the padals if you want


14-05-2015, 11:48
Solved my own question. Yes it is compatable..

15-05-2015, 13:20
Even, with the Thrustmaster T300 you can have 2 shifters at the same time. One for sequential, and one for H mode, like I have. The sequential one connected to the base of the wheel (DIN connector), and the H one on the console if you are on Playstation 4.

Hope it helps. Regards.