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biggy brains
14-05-2015, 02:03
so I started my career in the touring and no matter what or whose settings I tried donnington was a mess in the clio cup or any track for that matter. I tried them all, thought I found one that worked, the one that sets up everything basically on Imola and using the bmw 320, but when I tried that in my career it was a disaster. Well, I finally tried something that is playable and I even ran a 1:18.6 around donington in the clio cup. I know that probably isn't very fast in this game but compared to being off track all the time and tank-slapping, slamming walls and getting a mildy clean lap meant 1:43, this is significantly better so it'll have to do until the patch:

Set input mode to 3 then this is what my settings look like starting with steering deadzone:

90 brake sensitivity
0 Filtering
80 force feedback

hope they help you. Thus far I've only tried them with the Clio but nothing else worked with Clio that I found so I experimented from the base 3 and this was the first tweak I tried, I figured if my stick is full lock at 60% then we'll use 40% deadzone, etc.... that was my logic at least.

I'm just happy now that at least I can start getting some enjoyment from project cars. swapping back and forth between free practice and settings was getting old after 2 days of it after work. now I can actually play a little bit.

14-05-2015, 02:11
Biggest thing I've found with the clio is its tendancy for really bad lift off over steer. When driving it be sure you brake instraight lines, apply light throttle into and through the turns (it will help push the balance of the car to the rear and keep traction on the rear tires) and be especially careful on parts of the track with elevation changes as it will only further exagerate the rear end going light on you. (Down into the valley and up the other side at Donington is especially challenging. You can also go into setup and increase the deceleration lock on the differential. Its set really low on the cleo by default and increasing it will progressively force the car to want to go straight during braking and throttle lift. Too much though and you may end up with too much understeer. The diff setting made a huge difference for me in that car. That and make sure youre taking it slow if youre on cold tires.

14-05-2015, 02:39
Here's my Clio settings hope it helps.

Tires f/1.50 r/1.22
Anti-roll bar 60/30
Diff. Accel. 36% Decel. 64%
Everything else is left at default.

biggy brains
14-05-2015, 03:21
yeah I haven't even starting looking at the car setup. I needed my controller setup to where I could at least drive the thing. Now that its somewhat sorted I'm sure tuning will make a huge difference.