View Full Version : my thoughts on project cars Xbox one and some controller settings

14-05-2015, 06:30

I have been following project cars since it was just an idea way back on the no grip forums at the end of need for speed shift 2 dlc release and remember being super excited when I started reading SMS plans for this game

I Evan signed up for 10euros just so I could follow the development and eventually bought a pc just so I could try project cars early as it look incredible but unfortunately my pc was not as good as I thought and I could not get any smooth play so I gave up and just waited for the console release.

And I was a little bit skeptical before buying the Xbox one version due to all the negativity with it. But then I remembered it was a similar thing with need for speed shift 2 and that game for me was amazing with the dlc for Xbox 360 (admittedly the default controls was not the best but once I dialed in some settings it was great very imersive.

So on to project cars on the Xbox one I went and got the normal edition from Game UK and tried it the first intro video was awesome as the music reminded me of the GTR 2 launch trailer which was epic

So I select free play pick Donnington track and the ginetta and instantly impressed although I found the controls a little twictcy.

So after looking on these forums and Google etc I tried a few settings which were ok but I thought I would try my own settings and see if that would make a difference and it has for me at least

First things I done were after reading a guide from this forum was update my Xbox one controller check to see if the game has the latest patch etc

My settings are

Steering deadzone. 0
Steering sensitivity. 0
Throttle deadzone. 5
Throttle sensitivity. 0
Brake deadzone. 5
Brake sensitivity. 0
Clutch deadzone. 5
Clutch sensitivity. 45
Speed sensitivity. 75
Controller filter sensitivity. 0
Force feedback. 100
Controller input method. 3
Advance On
Soft steering dampering. On
Visual wheel filtering. On
Opposite lock help. OFF

Also use these driving aassists :

Anti lock brakes: yes
Stability control: yes
Traction control: yes

Now since I have applied these settings project cars is amazing I just was to drive lap after lap and I'm so impressed with this game it has more than meet my expectations so well done SMS and the wmd members who help shaped this game thank you its awesome.

Now if you could somehow add some British touring cars this would be perfect please try and make it happen.

Also is there any way I could buy the limited Dlc from the Xbox store? As I only have the stranded boxed game as game UK sold out of the limited edition and I really would like to buy the dlc.

Anyway apologies for going on to much and those of you struggling with the controller on Xbox one please try these settings it should help alot more.