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14-05-2015, 08:39
Hello everyone,

I think there is something not really cool with the lap-times linked to a class.

For example, when i start a practice session with a track, and i use the BMW M3 e30, it sets automatically the fastest lap, which is set by the Mercedes DTM (included only with the premium version of the came). Those 2 cars cannot compete at all, the gap with the power is too high, those should not even be in the same class (touring) in my opinion.

Same story applies with the "open wheels" cars.
If you use Forumla B or C, you techically compete with the Formula A, which isn't really cool, as obviously you cannot compete.

It would be better if you can "filter" the hotlaps, by car or something similar, to see how placed i'm compared to other BMW M3 E30 pilots.
Hope you understand what i mean.

And also, i cannot compare my times with a friend, i can only see personal times. This bothers me a lot.
Maybe i'm doing something wrong and i'm not looking into the right direction.

Am i the only one with this thought?

THanks to let me know and sorry for my english if i've made some mistake :)

14-05-2015, 08:48
It's really weird that this got by testers in the community, unless this is specific to consoles...then why should it be.

The whole leaderboards needs an overhaul, it's been poorly implemented.

14-05-2015, 12:00
Glad to see i'm not the only one.

i don't like to compare with other titles, but n ForzaMotorsport, it was nice to see the laptimes of my friends and challenge them.

I would be nice to have tomething to "challenge" a friend like "i did this time with this car, with this condition on this track, challenge me!".

hope it will be improved in the future.