View Full Version : Online Championships

14-05-2015, 12:08
I've posted this before in GD, but we were playing Multiplayer last night and we were talking about leagues/championships for online.

It would be a great feature. Online Championship or League for your mates, see who comes out on top over the season.
See who has the bragging rights by the end. Pressure of keeping your head, not doing anything stupid if your leading the Championship etc.

We were thinking maybe host selects 4-5 tracks to race on with a certain class of car and just go for it.

Obviously Career already has Championships, this should be a feature online as well for you and your friends.

What do you think?

14-05-2015, 18:34
+ 1 yes please.

These should also have an admin mode for the host as an option for greater control and manual addition of penalties and position changes. I host an online league and I have an external penalty system that all of our racers agree to, so having in game control would be great. Private lobbies only of course.