View Full Version : Sunday driver trophy glitch

14-05-2015, 12:49
When you're doing the azure track for sunday driver trophy pick one opponent and manual gears.
When the lights are showing start driving before the lights turn green. You will get disqualified and the trophy pops up.

28-05-2015, 17:24
i don't really care about trophies. i look the lists over after ive played the game a good amount to see if im missing out on an interesting hidden feature or something but i don't specifically do stuff just to get a trophy. i saw that sunday driver trophy mentioned in an article tho and when i gave it a whirl it infuriated me. im sittin here with the best console racing game tryin to mosey my way to the finish line...eventually. i didn't make it a block or two when i said, "of all the stuff to do in this game, this ain't one."

tl:dr yeah id cheat for that jerkstore trophy because it's an inanimate virtual object i can't inflict pain upon