View Full Version : [YES] Windshield wipers ?

14-05-2015, 13:14
Do the wipers work ? or am I that daft to feel they should! LOL

Siberian Tiger
14-05-2015, 13:15
Yes, the Wipers do work! Be sure you have it mapped onto a Button in the Config Screen.

Not sure which Button default the Wipers are on PS4...

14-05-2015, 13:20
It should be the up button on the PlayStation

14-05-2015, 13:21
Its the DOWN button on the cursor control

14-05-2015, 13:34
Thanks guys

14-05-2015, 14:36
Curses, started in a thunderstorm expecting the wipers to be on by default and had to change views because they weren't. Thought it might be mapped to a cursor but didn't get much chance to try, thanks.

14-05-2015, 14:41
Default D cursor on pad or wheel rim with the D pad on it (t300 rs rim and GT rim) left is HUD overlay, right is timing screen, up is lights, down is wipers. HTH