View Full Version : I finished 1st even though crashed out

14-05-2015, 14:10
This is my second major bug I've had. This one did go in my favor, but still.

So I'm in a 16 car formula rookie race over 7 laps. I was 10th on the grid but fell 5 places to 15th. I was on the 4th lap and got nudged off the track by the opponent behind me. So I decide to just hit pause and skip to the end of the session. On doing so I find I've miraculously finished 1st with a time of 9 minutes 48 seconds, well ahead of the rest of the pack who finished 13 minutes later on 24 minutes +

Games completely broke, I'm out. What's my chances of getting my money refunded from PSN. I like the game when it works, which let's be honest is not very often. I can't be bothered with it anymore, it's just too frustrating when there's so many bugs.

Video below: I thought I trimmed the video better. You'll need to watch my dodgy driving for a few seconds.


14-05-2015, 14:28
k thx bai

14-05-2015, 16:25
k thx bai

Oh your so funny, considering your a total bawbag.

Anyway, enough chat with kids, is there any adults here who can tell me when a PS4 patch is expected.

Your games completely broke, should it really have been released in the unpolished state that it's in?

15-05-2015, 20:51
Can somebody else replicate this issue?

Btw, Pablo please refrain from such comments in the future. They aren't helpful to anybody.