View Full Version : Career Mode Suggestions

14-05-2015, 15:09
I started this one in hope, that we can gather some nice suggestions for career mode.

Here are my current ideas:

1.) When racing in a tier, and choosing to stay one more year, after the 2nd year the player should be offered contracts from 2 tier upward.
For example: 1st year: Tier 8 Karts. After winning this, you get offered some Tier 7 (superkarts) contracts, and a chance to stay another year with your team.
After staying another year with the team, you do not get any new contracts. So you are FORCED to go to tier 7.
This is bad, because it forces some players to drive something they do not want. So if you stay another year, you should get Contracts offered from TIER 6.
To be able to skip racing that we do not want to perticipate in. (As i would have liked to skip supercarts).

2.) Ok, for this I am not sure if this is already like that, so in that case, kindly disregard it.
There is the historic goal of Triple Crown. I would like to suggest, that winning LMP1 should count as a Joker, meaning, that you should not be forced to win Formula A + Endurance + LMP2 for triple crown, but can skip one of them. (I would like to skip Formula A, I am sure there are som who would like to skip Endurance.)
Again this is only something, to alow players to be more relaxed at the game.

3.) We have all those nice old cars in the game, and i understand that Oval racing is planned to come in the future.
But why do we not have some Historic Racing option in Career mode?!
I could imagine something like:
TIER 5: Classic Touring
TIER 4: Group A
TIER 3: Group 5
TIER 2: Lotus Historic F1 Challenge (or who have the Limited Edition Car pack could also choose Classic Le mans.)