View Full Version : PitStop strategy: How to cycle between profiles ?

14-05-2015, 16:40

i'm on PC with XboxOne Gamepad Controller. i don't find correct keys to choose Strategy in pitStop.
What's the key to enter Strategy Menu ?

i created 3 profiles : "default, wet, custom". I would like to change or cycle between this 3 or more profiles.
For the moment, i must edited active profile to editing, and sometimes recreate same profile (ex: wet profile).
I would like to cycle until good profile, and also edit profile (here custom). And finally save a new profile, if none of my profile is correct for me.

What's the key to enter Strategy Menu ?
Is it a future update ?
i don't find.
thanks for your help

--- EDIT ---

Solution is : use saved Values, below edit , second line.