View Full Version : help with painting rims for Stock Car (blurred file), please

14-05-2015, 18:23
novice painter here... Anyone have an easy way to change the color of the rims on the "blurred" tire file? the magic wand and flood fill tools aren't doing the trick like they did with the "static" tire file.

14-05-2015, 19:47
If the existing wheel is white or a light grey, you can easily adjust the colour by making a new layer, filling it with your colour, and setting it to 'multiply.' Then save it as a DXT5 DDS file with alpha channel and replace the original.

If the wheel is a colour, or is a medium to dark grey, then you'll have to desaturate them and brighten them up.

In all cases, make sure the alpha channel stays untouched. If you place any graphics on the wheels, you'll have to use a radial motion blur on the graphic to have it blurred.

14-05-2015, 20:04
Perfectly explained. :)

16-05-2015, 13:39
Thanks for the reply. I didn't have much luck trying to desaturate and brighten the "blur" rim file. However, I wasn't aware of the radial blur tool. So this is what worked for me... I took the "static" rim file that i had colorized with magic wand and flood-fill, and then used the radial blur tool - set to 50 - on it (only on the the rim part of the image). Lastly, I resized the file to 256x256. Not sure if thats the best way but it worked for me.