View Full Version : [EXISTS] No Drafting ??

14-05-2015, 18:34
I've noticed when racing online I could be right behind someone's back bumper and my speed won't increase is this a bug in the game?

Siberian Tiger
14-05-2015, 18:37
No it isn't a Bug...

In most Games this Effect is overextragated...

In Project Cars they use Reallife Values... -> The Effect is here but not that Big.

mister dog
14-05-2015, 18:39
Draft effect only starts over 150k's and is less pronounced in real life. PCARS simulated it very well.

14-05-2015, 19:12
Like everyone said - its there, and it works, but not in a way you might think. If a car or group of cars are in front and you are in the stream you can close the gap slowly or maintain speed , but if you duck out of it you will get dropped rather quickly.

14-05-2015, 19:18
I noticed it was less pronounced too, but it's definitely still there. Most games do exaggerate this effect as well as the sounds that accompany it.

14-05-2015, 19:48
I think they got it pretty dam spot on. It's stupid to sling shot past somebody like you do in many other games. Also, it seems like it changes based on downforce. Formula rookie cars seem to have less slipstream effect because they lack front and rear wings. Someone please confirm this.

Umer Ahmad
14-05-2015, 19:51
Hell yeah, i knew this would come in handy!


14-05-2015, 20:10
IIRC during development the drafting was questioned, and the effect was upped to prove it existed.
Obviously after that it was returned to realistic levels befitting of a sim.