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14-05-2015, 19:08
I mapped my clutch to the A button so I can use B for upshifts and X for downshifts just like I always have for Forza. That way I can hit both buttons with my thumb and blip the throttle at the same time to essentially replicate a proper heel-toe downshift.

Downshifts seem to be working out just fine this way but the upshifts sound funny and aren't very smooth unless I wait a long time to let the clutch out and then get back on the throttle.

If you've ever heard the audio of the delay between gears on old '60s and '70s F1 and LeMans cars, that's pretty much what I have to do to get a smooth upshift. I honestly don't mind it on the old cars it feels period correct for but something modern like the Clio or a GT3 car ought to be able to change gears almost instantaneously, right?

Anybody have any suggestions on how to adjust the clutch dead zone and etc. to help me out with this?


14-05-2015, 21:29
I believe the clio and GT3 cars have an automatic clutch, so you don't need to release the throttle to change gear, or use the clutch. try just not using the clutch and see what happens.

15-05-2015, 21:44
Thanks @SN1P3R SK33T. That was definitely it. I really should have known better since I know you only use the clutch to get rolling with a sequential racing tranny.