View Full Version : Nagging design Issues

14-05-2015, 20:32
I WANT to love this game but either the bad design decisions or the complete omission of others (Where is the option to POST your time on the community TT?) are making it a real chore. Why you can't change your steering and FFB options from in-car baffles me, having to leave the race to change settings (and you might need to do this more than once, and change with each car!) make it very time consuming indeed (and if there is a way to do it, then the bad design slips in again because I can't see an option to do this!). Also once you finish a race in career it asks you first if you want to "restart"? wouldn't "continue" be more appropriate? Just little things like this seem to make no sense to me. I put in 20 laps in a community TT challenge and then when I went to see my position it said you have not registered a time!! So I went back and the only option is to leave or continue the TT... This game needs a patch soon or sadly it will be back to Codemasters F1 for me.. Oh yea, a trophy for a real 24 hour race, give me a break... (I know GT had those trophies too but that doesn't make it less stupid).

Siberian Tiger
14-05-2015, 20:36
TT Times Uploading on PS4 seems to take a long Time... (That is what other Users mentioned) <- The Dev's are aware of this and they will look into it.

For the other things, yes perhaps little things, but you have to see that some one would like it that way and the other one the other way..

In Game Adjustments would be indeed nice :)