View Full Version : Lap times from multiplayer not recorded?

14-05-2015, 20:42
Hey all,

Two questions...

1. Is there any way to view lap info from replays?
For example, I've saved a replay from an online race and would like to analyze the race and see where my lap times dip and rise.

2. Is there a leaderboard for race condition lap times?
For example, you post the best lap time for a certain track or track car combination while a race is underway.


14-05-2015, 22:07
1. As far as I know there isn't a way. You can however use Tom Shane's pCars profiler program to record all laps during the race and you can view them later. It provides you with a track map a long with timing screens as well as many other options to analyze your laps.

2. Lap times during a MP race will not be posted to the leaderboards. I know because I was one second under the ruf gt3 world lap record in spa with the ruf gt3 car and it never posted. So as of now only Time Trial laps go onto the leaderboard. Maybe in a later update.

14-05-2015, 22:13
Thanks falcon2081,
I am familiar with the pCars profiler I'll go back to this for analysis.
It certainly would be nice though to have a fastest race lap time feature though!

14-05-2015, 23:42
Yeah, there's a few things missing in regards to timing's in this game. One of my pet peeves in MP is qualifying. I wish the game told you the sectors (displayed on screen) in regards to the other player who has the current fastest lap and not my own.

15-05-2015, 01:26
You can only set a leaderboard lap time when it Time Trial so as to stop cheating.

if you need the explanation: Driver A & Friends B+C+D+E all go out on the track together in a practice or race situation. Driver A then sets a fastest lap time by specifically getting friends B+C+D+E to allow him to slip stream them at particular positions around the track.

Once set they then let Friend B become the next to try with slipstreaming or go onto a different track. Very soon you have full leaderboard of Friends A+B+C+D+E at the top.

Running in timetrial it is not possible to gain this advantage as it is just one on the track at a time.

15-05-2015, 08:15
Thanks for the explanation there ZiggyUK!
I can see how this sort of feature could be abused...
still, it would be a nice feature to have!