View Full Version : Steering not re-centering - not just settings, i don't think....

14-05-2015, 20:49

been looking for something on steering, but not controller settings.

or maybe it is... help appreciated.

i find that when turning slightly, sometimes the steering will not return to centre and keeps turning. this never happens with just a tiny flick and never happens with a full turn. it rarely happens when driving slowly and often seems to be when turning at high speed about 10-20% (if centre is 0% and full over to one side is 100%)

anyone else notice this?

it is not a sudden turn, it never comes out of the blue, it is not to do with cold tyres and it happens most on the superkarts, but it is definitely something that happens.

is it something that can be solved by settings? i don't think it should as returning to centre when there is no controller input happens most of the time, there just seems to be some angles where it doesn't.

any help appreciated.