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14-05-2015, 22:25
what are the best force feed back settings for the t500rs on ps4

15-05-2015, 03:38
Add me to your PSN and I will give you what I have so far bud

God knows it can be frustrating let alone time consuming (I'm not completely happy with mine but its alot better then 2 days ago) oh I should be on around 8 Brisbane time maybe before.


20-05-2015, 21:51
Settings for my T500RS with Kurb Effects

Okay, have spent the last 2 hours with AC, PC and my T500 at Spa in a BMW Z4 gt3

I don't have it perfect yet but I have made a ton of progress on getting that AC feel.

Many people may not care for the feel but to me it's a great leap in as far as the immersion goes (I like a heavier wheel and feedback, even if it isn't totally accurate)

Okay, to start my T500 is set at the typical TM Panel settings of 900 degrees 60% ffb. I wanted to keep this as it is what it is set at for all my other games.

In PCars control panel

Tire force 100
Per Wheel Movement 0.0
Per Wheel Movement squared 0.0
Wheel Position Smoothing 0.04
Deadzone removal range .05
Deadzone removal falloff .01
Linkage Scale 0.0
Linkage Stiffness 1.0
Linkage Damping 1.0
Relative Adjust Gain .98
Relative adjust Bleed .10
Relative adj clamp .96
Scoop Knee .70
Scoop Reduction .25
Soft Clipping (Half Input) 0.0
Soft Clipping (Full Output) 0.0

Under Vehicle Tuning Setup > Force Feedback > Spindle

Master Scale 10 (this is low and I still get a ton of FFB)
Fx Scale 54
Fy Scale 54
Fz Scale 60
Mz Scale 90.01 (this is almost like spring center, it will determine how much resistance you get turning the front wheels)

All Smoothing set at 0.0

Arm Angle 1200

Under Vehicle Tuning Setup > Force Feedback > Body & SOP

Body Scale 0.01
Body Longitudinal Scale 0.01
Body Stiffness 100
Body Damping 100

Below is the biggy if you like kurb effects and feeling the bumps in the road

SoP Scale 100
SoP Lateral Scale 70
SoP Differential Scale 100
SoP Damping 0.0

Disclaimer: Try these at your own risk, what I like in FFB may be nothing like what you like. I will say though if you thought the FFB before was not aggressive enough or heavy enough, you might like these settings. I also only tried these with one car at one track. These settings most likely will need even more tweaking with different vehicles, but that is part of the appeal of this title, it allows you to do just that.

Even if they are not to your liking they might get you pointed in a direction that does work for you, this is a game that is going to make you crawl under the hood so to speak if you want to get the most out of it.

I did not create these settings but I will say they are brilliant .