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Trapper Burt
15-05-2015, 03:04
Is the steering sensitivity setting what determines how fast the tires turn?

If so, would it be possible to have separate steering sensitivity settings for turning in vs. turning out?

For example... it's very useful to having a setting that dampens my "turn in", for minor adjustments on straight aways, and while turning. But I'm finding that when I'm finished in a turn, and I'm letting go of the stick (using a controller), i need the tires to snap back to straight, faster than i want them snapping into fully turned. (Does this make sense?) I'm finding that although I'm done turning, the tires are taking their time returning to the straight position and it's an uneasy "oh oh we're still turning when we should be going straight" feeling.

also, within 5 minutes of playing, i realized how not only tuning your car in this game is important (which i expected and love), but also tuning your controller settings is CRITICAL! Yet i had to exit free practice to access my controller options...

DEVELOPERS*** PLEASE allow controller AND vehicle settings adjustments within the pause menu WHILE driving during free practice. That would really be useful.

Otherwise, so far THIS GAME IS KICKING BUTT!!

GREAT GAME! Thank you!