View Full Version : Clutch Issues My Gamepad

15-05-2015, 04:30
Autoclutch is OFF,

L1 Clutch
^ Down
R2 Accellerate
L2 Brake
O EBrake

(config tips from user jessicawalter)

I'm very excited to use this setup, its the first driving game I've ever played in my life in the PS3 or PS4 era, because I've simply ignored everything else because they are not my taste.

Right now, my issue is I can do every thing to my car without using the clutch at all. I can switch gears, turn on engine all without clutch. Therefore, the use of clutch is purely artificial since I don't actually need it. Looking around the forum it seems to be I'm the only one having this issue in particular. So far I still enjoy simulating the use of this control scheme, but it needs to actually make a difference.

There also is weird behaviour with the function of the clutch on my gamepad, such as when I activate clutch it boosts the rpm so high it's very unusual. Among other issues, I would like to just have some information from users who don't experience these issues with manual clutch on gamepad specifically.