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Bavarian Turbo
15-05-2015, 06:21

that the FFB at Thrustmaster TX are losing in the game, especially when you dock an app with the steering wheel or something, that was known to me.

but that by the FFB make completely useless, which was new to me.

I have yesterday created with the Thrustmaster TX a screenshot on the Xbox (2 times Xbox button and then press Y on the steering wheel). Then the FFB was away in the game.
Then I pressed the Xbox button to go to the Xbox Dashboard, and then again right into game back on the steering wheel. The FFB was back.
But unfortunately it was not correct, it was upside down.
If I steer to the left then walked the steering wheel to the left lighter, the resistance was harder back to the center position.

I have really tried everything possible to the FFB to have returned to normal, the only who has helped been deleting my save game and create a new. This, however, all my inGame advances are cleared, damn.

Is this error already known? If not please resolve urgently.
Every bug is already not beautiful, but if you must then delete your save game, this is very annoying.

(Complaints about my english please directly to Google;))